Pro Wall System 
Designed for the rigors of the outdoor environment, this flexible, modular system comprised of proprietary panels and growth media. Pro Wall is the most widely used and comprehensive system in the industry, and can be used for creating virtually any plant design on any type of surface. Through the use of a proprietary structural growth medium, Pro Wall thrives in high-wind and seismic prone areas. Self-irrigating and low-maintenance, Pro Wall is installed fully grown to provide an instant effect. 

Versa Wall System
Versa Wall is designed specifically for the interior environment and can be used outdoors seasonally. It is comprised of a patented tray system that supports industry standard 4"~5" pots and waters the plants without dripping water out the front of the wall. Perfect for areas with seating in front of the wall or tight areas without room for a drip pan. Versa Wall is very easy to maintain and can be installed without a direct water connection or electricity at the wall. It is also the only 100% water efficient Green Wall system available, meaning there is zero water waste when used with our re-circulation tank system.

Basic Wall System 
Basic Wall is a container system with vines trained over an integrated trellis that is attached to the building facade. Basic Wall is a cost effective solution for creating large outdoor green walls without a pattern. Basic Wall can be planted at the site or pre-grown for a minimum of 4 months at a nursery (depending on the time of year). If installed pre-grown, you will have a 80~90% full Green Wall at install, if not, it will take up to two years to fill in at the site