AL MANA SERVICES is a subsidiary of M.H. AL Mana Group of Companies Originally formed in 1952 to provide support to the industrial development of Qatar, the rapid diversification of the Mohammed H. Al Mana Group led to the formation of individual.

We achieve the highest standard of soft landscaping with the planting of plants, trees, shrubs and grasses procured both from our own nursery and from the best nurseries available worldwide. Our works also include the design, supply and installation of planting soils, specialist root zones, soil additives, nutrients, organic and mineral mulches and sustainable recycled materials.

Our services include the execution of roof gardens, indoor gardens, and green walls.

 During the past few years, Almana Services (Landscaping Division) has gained an advanced expertise in the procurement, shipment and planting of large specimen trees, relocation/restoration of mangroves into their natural environment, collection and propagation of native plants, design, establishment and operation of nurseries.

Our specialized experience and hard landscaping capabilities include stone work, paving, edging, decoration and monument features, rock and boulders, specialist natural and engineered surfaces, children’s playgrounds, street furniture, timber pergolas, shade structure, etc.

Our skills also cover the construction of drainage systems, water and utilities networks, technical rooms and associated building, landscape lighting.

We also have experience in installation of street lighting elements. With full experience and expertise in the design, supply and installation of complete automated irrigation systems, ranging from soft landscape to sports turf schemes, including pipework, water storage reservoirs, pumping plants, control systems, cabling, valves, sprinklers, drip emitters, etc.

Our experience and expertise include the design, comprehensive construction and maintenance of football pitches to FIFA standards, including earthworks, drainage and irrigation systems, specialist root zone, natural and artificial surfaces, game accessories, fences, etc.

The Company also has specialist knowledge and expertise in construction and maintenance of all kinds of sports features, fields and surfaces through its international team of experienced professionals.